State of The Music Licensing Industry 2013


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The Music Licensing Directory

The Music Licensing Directory lists & analyses more than 300 companies in more than 20 countries that license music to film, TV, Advertising & computer games. Using the search feature you can find companies that will license your music based upon your specific needs. You can search for companies by company type, location, if the company works with artists on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis and if the company retitles tracks or not. You can also search for companies using the keyword search feature, so you can search for companies by name, or search for companies based upon clients they may work with such as brands or TV shows. You can also learn from the experiences that others have had with companies by reading memberís comments added to each company profile. A subscription to the Music Licensing Directory also provides access to a new and unique Guide Book that tells you everything you need to know about making money licensing your music. The Guide Book, created by successful artists and music industry veterans, is critical knowledge for anyone serious about making money licensing their music. The Guide Book covers in detail the process of licensing your music and working with the different types of music licensing companies. You can learn the best way to approach music licensing companies and what to expect throughout the entire process of licensing your music to film, TV, advertising and computer games. With the Music licensing Directory you can also keep up to date with relevant news and new opportunities for your music through regular newsletters and blogs.


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